We are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated*, wormed, flea treated and our litter training is started very early on.  Our kitten Adoption price is $220, Adult cat adoption price is $190 - please consider all the benefits; desexed, microchipped, vaccination started (F3), wormed, flea treated and litter training started, maintained on a super premium veterinary diet.  ​

All rescue kittens and cats come with an Advance 'Kitten/Cat' pack.  This contains a sample of Advance dry and wet kitten/cat food, food bowl, litter tray, litter scoop, sample of cat litter, one treatment of Revolution, cat toys, cat collar.

All kittens have been well socialised since birth.  These kittens have only become available due to kittens being rescued or surrendered from the community (not from planned breeding).  The objective of this program is to find loving homes for kittens in need and assist owners of cats with reduced price desexing.  This program is not currently funded by any rescue groups or subsidised by any external desexing programs.

Thanks to ADVANCE and their commitment to sponsor these kittens/cats, they can now benefit from a SUPER PREMIUM VETERINARY DIET.

* Vaccination programs in kittens vary based on their age, kittens 8-10 weeks have had their first F3 or F3/FIV vaccination, 10-12 weeks 2nd F3 or F3/FIV vaccination & 14-16 weeks 3rd F3 or F3/FIV vaccination.  Depending on the age of adoption, some kittens may have started their vaccinations while others may have completed their vaccinations.
* Kitten rescue price $190 include F3 vaccination only (1st, 2nd or 3rd depends on age of adoption).  Adults are generally fully vaccinated.
* Kitten rescue price $220 incudes F3 (1st, 2nd or 3rd depends on age of adoption) and a Kitten Rescue pack Valued at well over $40.
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